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Caution: Area of Venting [entries|friends|calendar]
Bitching and Moaning

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[The 6th of October, 2005]
Dear Mom,

When you whisper to Danielle about buying condoms, telling her not to tell me, what's the point? Danielle just went on birth control, not me. She's the one who's going to be using them, not me.

"This does not concern you and you don't know the slightest thing about them, so go away." Pardon me. The times have changed since the last time you had sex was more than a year ago. There are a lot of things you don't know, so don't think you have the right to fucking bitch at me and tell me to mind my own business. Danielle knows more about sex and condoms thanks to me than from you, so SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Your Daughter
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[The 5th of October, 2005]
A small change was made to the bio of the community. Nothing too big, but everyone should read it so they know.

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[The 5th of October, 2005]

[ mood | cynical ]

This isn't very ranty, but I'm writing here because people would get upset if I posted it in my LJ.

If you want the drama to stop, then stop talking about it. Seriously. I am sick and tired of billions of LJ entires about how bad things are. If you want it to stop, then stop bringing it up!! Honestly guys, things will start getting better, and then some wise guy decides to do something to "stop the drama", but they only succeed in creating more. It was FINE, there sin't any fixing that needs to be done. We've all apologized, okay, now certain people have to accept it. And until then, I am going through my life normally. I'm not going to change myself or how I act because some people have problem solving issues.

I don't care if this made any sense.

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Where are you? [The 3rd of October, 2005]

Kayla called me when Renee was over. She never calls me and my heart stopped. I knew something was wrong. She told me Josh came back to town and was back in school. My heart dropped and I stopped breathing.

Josh was the one with the car, the one with the protection, the one with the cash, the one who was with you. If he came back, where are you? Renee thinks you may have made it to Washington already and Josh came back, but that's physically impossible unless you took a plane. It takes a week to pass through the mountains, that I know.

I nearly broke down when Kayla started telling me how worried she was for you. She's worried, but holy fucking shit, SO. AM. I. I love you. You're my muse, my friend, mon cher. Why did you have to leave the state? I always told you you were safe here, but you never believed me. I don't make empty promises. You know that.

You haven't called anyone. You were supposed to call Kacie, Kayleigh or Aubrey. You never did.

I'm not the one to expect a letter, but I wish you would send me something that would let me know you're fine. Please. Don't hurt me like this. I need to know.

If I hear on the news of a body found of a runaway from Colorado ... I don't know what I'll do. I don't know if I could make it without you here. If I somehow managed to, I would write until my fingers bled and I would continue. I'll never let your story die. You've told me so much; I can put it all into my own words and share your life with the world. But I don't think I'll be able to do that if you're not here.

Black poison, just rose, Adriana, oh, my Aid, please be okay.

Dancing under the moon, waiting for my partner,
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Experimenting with layout [The 3rd of October, 2005]
For the next week I'll be experimenting with the layout, so pardon if it changes on a daily basis. I'll hold a tally at the end of the week so you can vote on which layout you like the most; then I'll stop changing it until another one inspires me.

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